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Shopping Carts

Our merchandise is great value and we want it to remain that way. Shopping cart systems cost companies money and that cost is passed along to the customers by way of increased merchandise prices. Although we have found a few low priced systems they don’t work well with merchandise that requires personal specifications such as size and color. In addition, these systems usually calculate shipping based on number if items ordered and do not compute a reduced amount for combined item shipping. We prefer using an electronic order form…and we pass the savings to you!


We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, money order and personal check (with 10 day wait upon receipt) for all orders.

Placing an Order

You can easily jump back and forth from the product pages to this order form by using the “Click here for Order Form” link located at the bottom of each product page. This will open another window of the Order Form that can be minimized while you continue to shop our site. Simply add the item to the minimized order form.

Be sure to provide all requested information so that we can have proper contact details. When you are satisfied with your order, simply click on the button at the end of the form that says “Place Your Order”. In a second or two, your order is delivered to our email inbox. The rest is up to us. We will check the order for accuracy, calculate proper shipping and send you an email with total due. Once you have approved the total we can begin processing your order.

NOTE: Many Internet services such as AOL, EarthLink, etc. allow clients to create custom filters on their email, therefore making it impossible for you to receive our email due to its adult nature. Please be sure to check your junk mail and to add and to your acceptance list.


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