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In-Stock Topgrain Floggers with Braided Lashes

These are floggers we currently have in stock or can recreate for you. Our standard flogger flails are hand-selected cowhide. They are sturdy but supple. (Many people think they are deerskin). Deer, bison and other unusual leather selections available.

  • Color selection based on availability. Contact us for current selections
  • Other custom additions are available.

Floggers with Round Braided Lashes

FLG 118 Mock 8
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Mock 8

  • Inspired by Boymeat and Kathryn Tact
  • Hand selected 3–4 oz black cowhide
  • Eight round hand-braided flails each tipped with a semi-rigid rubber razor blade
  • Black Turk's head knots on handle

I am very pleased with the Mock 8. A range of sensations can be created with this flogger. If one strikes with the full weight of the tails it has the great combination of sting with a good bit of thud that is typical of most cats/braided floggers. Pull it back a bit and strike with only the last few inches of the lashes and it hits like eight flexible miniature crops. Pull back further and strike with tips of the razors only and it has a somewhat stingy slap that is not overly harsh. However, my favorite aspect of the flogger is that you can change the sensation entirely simply by rotating the handle ninety degrees and striking with the edge of the razors rather than the flats. The best word for this sensation would be "slash". Had I not known the razors were rubber, I would have sworn that I was bleeding when I tested it on my forearm. The ability to create this sensation means that not only is this object a great flogger, it is also a great mindf**k toy when playing with a more extreme bottom.
—Vincent Psykic, Los Angeles CA

FLG 121 Fancy Cat O' Nine Flogger
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Fancy Cat O' Nine Flogger

  • Nine tight round braided lashes from one piece of 3–2 oz top-grain cowhide
  • Each lash finished with small Turk's head bloodknots
  • Black Turk's head knots on handle
  • Limited color choices of lashes
  • Choice of handle weave color

Floggers with Flat Braided Lashes

FLG 106 Magic Braid Flogger
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Magic Braid Flogger

  • Sixteen tight flat magic braid lashes from two pieces of 3–4 oz topgrain cowhide
  • Black Turkshead knots on handle
  • Limited color choices of lashes
  • Choice of diamond weave handle weave color

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