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Educational Workshops Presented by Fantasies in Leather

Educational Workshops Presented by
Fantasies in Leather

Mind & Soul

Rites of Passage: Earned Leather

There is a growing hunger for traditions to be passed on to another generation of leathermen and leatherwomen. Whether one is renewing a tradition or continuing a custom, the passing on and earning of leathers means more than just respecting our elders. Learn how the leather culture is not unique in this type of tradition, discuss the importance of continuing the custom and share experiences of this rite of passage.

S/m Play: More Than What Meets the Skin

Hidden behind the SM practices many of us enjoy are reasons and lessons that sometimes get lost in the play. S/m Practices can build trust, teach us to handle fear, show us perceived limits are not actual limits and so much more. Join us as we explore, discuss, and share life lessons hidden in our play. Take a fresh look at S/m practices with an eye towards additional purposes of just having fun.

Invoking the Power of Others: Using Exemplars for Master & Slave Personal Development

Role models, mentors, counselors, teachers…so many ways to look towards others for guidance but most of the traditional methods rely on emulating behavior. Learn how identifying exemplars can represent the essence of singular character traits you wish to improve in your Mastery or slavery. We’ll explore various definitions, differences, and techniques for pinpointing exemplars for personal growth and then discuss how to utilize this knowledge in your everyday life.

Beyond the Stereotypes

Stereotypes are overgeneralizations and oversimplifications yet many people with an interest in D/s~S/m stick to certain stereotypes in their appearance, attitude and actions. Often those that do not know or understand D/s~S/m relationships and practices view this overgeneralization negatively. Learn some of the background of these behaviors and how one can value and respect traditions without falling victim to generic labels.

It’s Not Always a Family Affair

Children…it’s taboo to involve them in BDSM situations but for many of us our children are a major part of our lives. This is a focused group discussion and exchange on being in a D/s~S/m relationship and raising children. Includes ideas and examples for maintaining protocol and service styles, general legal information and pitfall prevention.

One Size Fits No One: Identities and Roles

People want to find where they fit into the overall scheme of things when they come into the world of Leather and BDSM. Finding where you fit shouldn’t be a short-term project. Self-identifying should be a struggling study in who you are what you want and what you need. Explore yourself a bit in this discussion session.

Are You Being Served?

Many people say that it is better to give than to receive. It is equally as important to know how to receive, especially when receiving service from a submissive or slave. Using role-play, humor, discussion and historical references this workshop focuses on the importance of service, on aspects of receiving service without falling on your face in embarrassment….and how to show appreciation for service received.
Note: This class subject is targeted for Tops and is not a service technique workshop.

The Four Agreements: A Template for Effective Communication in M/s Relationships

A large part of success in today’s D/s relationships is based on effective communication. This is often more difficult than we might initially think. Using Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements we will explore some effective communication skills for our D/s relationships and also how to apply them to specific tools such petitions and contracts. Lastly we will look at communication and what tends to get in the way. Everyone will be able to participate in interactive exercises to help make your communication become effective communication.

Protocols: Making the Connection

The word protocols has always sparked some controversial discussion on its meaning and correct execution. This interactive session is not a forum for debate but rather a chance to share a variety of protocols experienced with those attendees who choose to join. We will be exploring various definitions and why we find protocols so important to our D/s dynamics. We will also examine the role of rituals, routines, etiquette and traditions in relationship to our daily protocols.

Tactile & Technique

Endorphin Soup for the Unconventional Soul: Creating Body Rituals

Stressing the body is often done to indelibly print the significance of a ritual. From Kavadi to the Sundance to firewalking, these practices show sacrifice and can be used to achieve transcendence. Discover a bit of the history of body stress rituals and explore how various body modifications and stresses can be used to recreate useful rituals in our lives. We’ll even demonstrate a Kavadi style flesh hook ritual and a modern blood ritual in this class.

Pinpoint for Pain, Push for Pleasure: An Introduction to Pressure Point Play

Pressure points can be the ultimate lazy top toy. While it can take years to learn the more than 200 pressure points and their associated medical effects a few general rules and techniques can allow you to use this technique relatively safely. Points can be used to inflict mild to severe pain, but they can also be used to inflict varying degrees of pleasure. this can be a class where service oriented bottoms can learn useful things at the same time that sadistic tops can learn ways to get maximum results with minimal physical effort.

Fighting for Your Mind: Primal Purge Ritual

The warrior spirit is part of us all. It’s a fundamental, provoking force that can turn the meek into the formidable. Being a warrior is an emotional and primal reality as much as it’s a moral and spiritual one. Rage, fear, terror, anger, fury. A primal purge ritual enables the warrior spirit to release these emotions in a safe and yet primal way, something a bottom doesn’t often get to do. A primal act sends a very strong message to the subconscious mind to "let it all hang out!" Learn the difference between Primal Purge Ritual and resistance play, how to achieve and recognize the initial signs of bottom rage, how to stay in control of your scene and positively harness the after effects. Limited, pre-negotiated offering of this presentation workshop.

Hot Boots, Hot Scene

Caring for and caressing a pair of hot boots or sexy shoes can create an erotic scene. This demonstrative workshop combines a bit of boot care but concentrates more on boot worship, erotic bootblacking, topping while bootblacking and how to top a bootblack. Audience participation included.

Toy Spa: TLC for Leather Toys

All play and no work makes dirty toys! Clean toys last longer, so bring your whips, floggers, crops and other leather play implements to find out how to clean and store them properly. We’ll discuss various cleaning and conditioning products, and you’ll have the opportunity to give some of these toys a much needed spa treatment.

Microbondage: Clipping the Edge

The simple laundry room S/m pevertable can be used for simple skin bondage and erotic edge play. Hang up your preconceptions about clothespins and learn about edgeplay techniques, medical info, dangers and different types of clippy things. Observe demos and experience hands-on activities.

It Only Takes a Spark: Fireplay with Flash!

The primal nature of flames and the collective unconscious fear of fire means that fireplay can tap into very strong emotional and psychological reactions. This is a hot topic that also includes demos of seldom seen sparkler play, devils fire and fire cupping. Safety and hazard issues are covered. Hands-on experiences, some free paraphernalia and explanatory handouts are offered. Permission from facility required.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Deep Impact Play

Put up your dukes and lets get down to it…punching, hitting, kicking and other forms of deep impact play. We’ll evaluate safety concerns, methods and materials, aftercare and psychological effects on the Top and bottom while providing various demonstrations and hands-on opportunities.

The Dance of Leather

Flogging is more than just hit and miss; it is a threesome dance with top, bottom and leather. This hands-on experience includes the basics of selecting a flogger that is right for you. The focus of the class is on using flowing whole body movement to adjust pace, intensity, point of impact and drawing top space in a flogging scene. Bring a flogger and a partner for double the fun.

Florentine Flogging: Two Hands are Better Than One

The name is based on an Italian sword and knife fighting style but in this class we’ll use floggers to impart a continuous swirl of painful pleasure for the bottom and a rythem-induced headspace for the Top. Join in this hands-on (and bottoms on) workshop to learn the techniques of double handed six-count flogging with style and rhythm. Guests need to bring two floggers as closely matched in length and weight as possible. Ample space needed.

How Can I Hurt You?…Let Me Count the Ways

While discussion may be a key to a successful and safe scene, it doesn’t always have to be clinical. This interactive session will focus on creating comfortable pre-play negotiation skills for Tops and the bottoms using more than just verbal communication. We’ll practice looking into the eyes, body and even the toy box of our potential play partner to garner more information on desires and taboos.


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