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Care & Feeding of Tooled Vegtan Leather Paddles

Initial Care

This leather item has been deep dyed for the greatest color endurance. Some residual carbon from the dye may appear on the surface for the first few weeks. Wipe with a soft cloth to remove the dye carbon. This tooled paddle is intended for light to medium use. Extreme heavy impact play with this paddle may cause cracking of the tooled area.


Keep this item clean and in good condition. Wipe with a barely damp cloth after use. A quality leather conditioner (such as Feibings Aussie Leather Conditioner) should be used at least twice a year if not more often, avoiding contact with the tinted tooled sections. Conditioning keeps the leather from becoming brittle and helps with water resistance


Store in a ladies stocking, soft material bag or wrapped in cloth. Do not store airtight or near direct heat.

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