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Care & Feeding of Topgrain Leather Floggers


Keep this item clean and in good condition. Wipe with a soft, barely damp cloth after each use. Handle and tails can be cleaned with a quality saddle soap used sparingly. A quality leather conditioner (such as Feibings Aussie Leather Conditioner) should be used as needed. When conditioning the tails only apply conditioner on the smooth, top grain side, not the suedelike side.

Dr. Charles Moser, a nation’s leading authorities on sexuality-related medicine recommends hanging up floggers in a ventilated place for a week after use. HIV and Hep C viruses, cannot live outside the body in the air.

Ongoing Care

It is normal for flogger tails to stretch a bit and become uneven with use. Trim the stretched tails with sharp scissors or bring them to an event we are at and we’ll even up the tails.


Store your flogger in an airy, dry area. Do not store in direct contact with the flow of heating vents or near heating units and avoid direct sunlight as this will dry and fade leather. Avoid storing any leather items in plastic bags, plastic containers, tight drawers, car trunks, bathrooms or packed jumbled into a toybag or toybox.

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