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Care & Feeding of Fantasies in Leather Products

So how does one care for their leathers? There are many types, conditions, colors and ages of human skin and the same can be said of leather skin. There is no one method to care for all leathers as each individual item is dependent on many factors. There are two overall guidelines that apply to most all things leather:

Preventative Maintenance

Keep items clean! Sweat, blood, oils and other body fluids can harm leather. Even ordinary substances such as alcoholic beverages, sodas and juice, gasoline and body lotions can damage leather clothing and shoes. Thoroughly clean leather after each use. Wipe down with a clean, damp cloth and let items dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated area before storing.


Leather is porous and needs to breathe. You should store your leather in an airy, dry area that is not too hot or cold and certainly not damp. Do not impede air circulation by hanging toys and clothing in a tightly packed closet. Do not store in direct contact with the flow of heating vents or near heating units and avoid direct sunlight as this will dry and fade leather. Always use sturdy, padded hangers to help preserve the shape of your leather clothing and if you choose to cover leather items use a breathable material like a cotton sheet. Avoid storing any leather items in plastic bags, plastic containers, tight drawers, car trunks, bathrooms or packed tightly into a toybag or toybox.

Cleaning, conditioning, polishing and shining your leathers are probably the most knowledge and time intensive aspects of leather care. A skilled bootblack can offer top-quality advice and instruction on how to care for specific items. Bootblacking is the art and skill of caring for leather. It is more than just polishing a pair of boots: it can involve the cleaning, conditioning, dyeing and polishing of all leather items. A Bootblack has often devoted many hours to training, product evaluation and practice. He is able to give knowledgeable suggestions about leather care.

Get in touch with a bootblack and learn how to keep your leathers in tip-top shape. Leather care is more than skin-deep!

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