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Bootblacking In The Garden Of Eden:
Care of exotic skins

Have you ever noticed that most of the exotic boot leathers are from creatures that are feared? Snakes, sharks, alligators, lizards and eels are among these creatures that are frequently portrayed as dangerous and destructive and often mysterious…often showing up in mythology and folklore. Even the Christian version of the beginning of mankind features an evil serpent that is the force behind man’s fall from grace.

Ironically, the care of boots made from the skins of these exotic and often-evil animals can be dangerous and destructive. But there is also a lot of myth surrounding proper care of exotic leathers.

Don’t let the care of exotic leathers be your “fall from grace” in you bootblacking skills.

Don't fear exotic leather care. You don't have to be a devout Pentecostal to handle snakeskin or a bayou-raised Cajun to care for alligator boots.

Jump right in those sharksin boot infested waters and keep caring for leather of all types.

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