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Bootblacking Stingray

Stingray is commonly known as the most durable leather in the world, being only rivaled by Elephant hide. The hides used are from a species of stingray, which is neither endangered nor threatened, and the meat is used in many restaurants. The tanning process causes the scales to fall away without damaging the skin, leaving an extremely strong pearly hide.

Aftercare is always important for any boots. Using a soft damp cotton cloth, wipe to remove topical dirt and dust. Use a soft brush to gently remove any mud and dirt, especially at the edge of the sole.

General cleaning of stingray footwear is best done with a cotton cloth slightly dampened with plain water to maintain it’s natural radiance. Since stingray is water resistant soap products and excessive water will run off the skin and down to the edge causing drying and rotting of the stitching.

Conditioning the exterior is not suggested, as these products will affect the natural radiance of the stingray. Interior conditioning is needed infrequently and very lightly using a quality leather conditioner.

Wax or other finish is not suggested unless the boot has been scraped and the pearly skin is scarred. A spot of wax polish might add shine to the blemish and make it less noticeable,

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