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Bootblacking Alligator & Caimen

Boots with distinct patterns are created from the backside of farm-raised alligator. Softer boots are from the belly skin. Caiman, a cousin of the alligator) are also farm raised for skin use and treated the same as for alligator leather.

Aftercare is similar to that of cow leather boots. Using a soft barely damp cotton cloth, wipe topical dirt and dust. Pay special attention to alcohol spills on the boot as this will dry out the leather quickly and could eat into the skin fibers.

General cleaning of alligator boots can be done with saddle soap but be sure to remove the soap residue before it dries.

Use conditioners specifically made for reptiles. These conditioners are lighter in composition than most general leather conditioners. This does not refer to the viscosity but to the product ingredients. (Imagine the difference between vegetable oil and Crisco. Both are the same ingredients but Crisco is hydrogenated giving it a different viscosity. Therefore, just because a leather conditioner is more liquid or in spray formula does not mean it contains lighter conditioner ingredients.

Alligator hide is similar to cow leather in that it can be shined, although not to the extent of a glossy mirror spit shine. Use a neutral wax for boots that have any color variations otherwise match wax color with the boot color. There is no need to use multiple coats of wax.

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