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Leather, just the sound of the word gives a sense of the sensual power of treated skins. As a teen Archer started working with leather, the smell and feel of it had some primal effect on him. Even then the power images of leather had a part in his sexual fantasies, but the images of abuse held him back from exploring them. Leatherwork went by the wayside when he graduated and then went to Marion Military Institute and earned a Commission in the Army Reserve. His love of working with leather returned years later. That, along with the sensual images of his youth, led him to begin in Dallas, Texas in 1996 what he expect to be a life-long exploration of BDSM.

Archer’s relationship with his slave Elegant started in September of 1998 and prompted him to get more involved with the leather community. His immediate leather family now also includes Boi Lane and Renee. Archer is a member of MasT-Atlanta, MAsT Southeast Region Representative, CORE-Atlanta, NLA-International, and a business member of NCSF. He is an Environmental Scientist and "out" to his employer. Since moving to Atlanta in the summer of 2002 Archer has also been working to expand his leather and toy business, Fantasies In Leather. He provides educational experiences to groups large and small on subjects ranging from Fireplay and Microbondage to Exploring Your Leather Identity and Rites Of Passage. His dedication to the community and specifically in lifestyle education always leads him to new experiences.


Elegant began her leather journey in Dallas, Texas in 1997 and has been an active part of the Atlanta community since moving in 2001. She does not like being identified with a single label, as her identity is a blending of her life. She is slave to Master Archer, mother to two teens, PTA volunteer, leather crafter, bootblack, and co-owner of Fantasies In Leather and TLC Leather Care. Elegant is a member of NLA-I, MAST-Atlanta, Publicity Team Lead for Southwest Leather Conference, past Publicity & Marketing Chair for SouthEast LeatherFest (2004–2007), staff for International Community Bootblack, producer of Boot Camp Atlanta and was the creator of the Atlanta Fetish Flea Market. Her experiences have led her to judging opportunities at International Community Bootblack competition, Southwest Bootblack competition, SouthEast Master/slave contest and other leather contests. Elegant had the honor of being selected as Southeast Bootblack 2005 at Together In Leather and 1st Runner-Up at International Community Bootblack 2005.

Bootblacking and leather care are Elegant’s passions. She considers them services of love and an art form in which to express herself. She has a kinky love for extreme clothespin play, hooks and needles, deep impact opportunities and all things flaming and has led education classes on techniques and workshops of the mind with Master Archer. Her dedication to the community and specifically in spreading a positive awareness of D/s~S/m is a never-ending path to understanding her own life.


Renée identifies as a submissive-switch who expects an equality of personage in relationships in order for her power exchange dynamic to be authentic. She discovered power exchange in her early twenties in a Master-slave relationship where she was trained in the strictest sense to be a slave. Her first teachers were her Master and countless books on the subjects of relationship dynamics, proper etiquette, various training protocols, corseting, cult novellas and the fervent words of boy bob that were once posted on the Sanctuary website. The one thing she missed in this first relationship was a lack of input from others in the lifestyle. Once she was released, she immediately sought others in the Atlanta community in order to learn and better understand this taboo way of loving.

Since 2005, she has been an unofficial supporter of several communities through volunteering her design services, bottoming for demos and performing burlesque, fetish choreography and dance for leather and fetish events. She began working on design and retailing with Fantasies in Leather in 2006. In 2008, she submitted a petition to serve Archer. She felt she wanted to share her leather journey with those who held her heart. Although no longer in service, she remains part of their leather family.

Boi Lane

Boi Lane is a quiet but energetic bio female with an androgynous soul. She petitioned Archer to be her ‘Daddy’ in 2005 and the mentoring based relationship has been growing ever since. Learning about leather traditions and history is a priority for Lane and she enjoys speaking with elders in the community to add to her knowledge. Lane currently lives in the Dayton, Ohio area and lives with her partner Devon and their menagerie of cats and dogs.


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