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Armor, Bracers & Gauntlets

Since many of our creations are one of a kind our inventory changes quickly.

  • Contact us for current selections or if you have a special request.
  • Other custom additions are available.


ARM 115 Bootprint Bracer ARM 115 Bootprint Bracer

Bootprint Bracer (Single)

  • Two layers of soft leather with reverse cut-out appliqué
  • Durable double straps with nickel buckles
  • Your choice of bootprint color
  • Made to order
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ARM 105 Celtic Knot Bracers
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Celtic Knot Bracers

  • Hand carved Celtic cross knots in your choice of polyacrylic colors on medium weight leather bracers
  • Nickel grommets and spots add visual strength
  • Leather lacing and oil-tan leather lining
  • Made to order

ARM 105 Puppy Pawprints Bracers
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Puppy Pawprints Bracers

  • Medium heavy veg-tan bracers hand tooled with puppy pawprints tinted in your choice of polyacrylic color
  • Durable double straps with nickel buckles
  • Made to order

ARM 105 Steampunk Dr. Deviant Bracers
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Steampunk Dr. Deviant Bracers

  • A One-Of-A-Kind Custom Steampunk creation
  • Check our Etsy site for available Steampunk items or email us and we can create a bracer for you

ARM 102 Pirate Bracers
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Pirate Bracers

  • Two layers of soft oil-tanned leather with white skull and crossbones appliqué
  • Black nickel grommets with leather lacing
  • Made to order


Custom Claw Gauntlet Custom Claw Gauntlet
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Claw Gauntlet (Single)

  • Heavy veg-tanned leather cut in articulating sections and wet formed for shape
  • Durable double straps with nickel buckles
  • Your choice of tooled design and color
  • Your choice of spikes and other hardware accents
  • Made to order

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